Monthly Archives: September 2016

Fall Editing

DSCF0054While you gear up toward NaNoWriMo, or recover from the 3DayNovel Contest, you may want to have another pair of eyes look at the next book you plan to release. Content editing works best just after you’ve knocked the rough edges off the story. I’ve been known to completely rearrange books, so doing a lot of polish before you get the book to me is not needed.

I’ve working on a new system where I read the book in entirety first, then go back to comment in detail. It doesn’t cost any extra, so let me know if you’d like me to do this. I find it works very well if you have major questions about structure and character.

My fees remain steady at $300 for a 100k novel, and I will do a free, no obligation test edit of your first 5000 words. I’ve worked in all genres and all lengths.