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Testimonial from Rebekah Lee Jenkins

I hired Alex for my second book, Hope in Oakland, because his work is meticulous.

If you are looking for a fantastic content editor, you found him and you should hire him immediately.

I learned early that your book is not your baby, it is your business. That means you want to release the best manuscript you are capable of writing.  The content edit is like the foundation of a house, skimp on this step, the whole structure will collapse. You can paint it any pretty colour you want but people will notice if the roof caves in and they will step away. Once you lose that reader they are gone forever. Not just them but everyone they would recommend your work to. This step is not something you skimp on. I wouldn’t dream of publishing a book without him.

Read on if you would like to know what he did for my books and my career.

In my first book he pointed out that my opening line for the novel was buried in the middle of chapter five. Yes. Chapter Five. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had released that book without his hard work. I should also mention my first book already had a content edit before I sent it to him to sort out the whole sorry mess. He restructured it and pointed out missing key scenes. That book, The Night They Came For Til, launched me into a writing career I am thrilled with, stunned by and desperately trying to keep up with.

Because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I never, ever do an author night/interview without pointing out that Alex McGilvery is my editor and how to hire him. Ever. Because I know, every review that says “I could not put this book down” is a review we should share. I would have lost those readers somewhere in chapter three with a long flashback that didn’t drive the plot forward if he hadn’t restructured the entire thing! I had a good story that would have bored my readers to tears without his hard work.  Alex will pace your novel to be something people can’t put down. Of all the gifts he brings to the table that is the most invaluable.

The second book we finished, Hope in Oakland, was no exception. I had about 40 pages of repetition that I didn’t notice until he pointed it out and I was again missing key scenes.

As I said in my previous testimonial, this edit process will be exactly like a very detailed, very personal writing course. I learned a lot with my first book and I learned a lot with this book too. I appreciate that he tells you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. This has created more confidence in me and makes me excited to tackle a new project.

I can tell you from experience. If you chose to work with Alex you will be well on your way to producing the best book you can write and launching a very successful writing career. Don’t delay.

Happy editing!

Fall Editing

DSCF0054While you gear up toward NaNoWriMo, or recover from the 3DayNovel Contest, you may want to have another pair of eyes look at the next book you plan to release. Content editing works best just after you’ve knocked the rough edges off the story. I’ve been known to completely rearrange books, so doing a lot of polish before you get the book to me is not needed.

I’ve working on a new system where I read the book in entirety first, then go back to comment in detail. It doesn’t cost any extra, so let me know if you’d like me to do this. I find it works very well if you have major questions about structure and character.

My fees remain steady at $300 for a 100k novel, and I will do a free, no obligation test edit of your first 5000 words. I’ve worked in all genres and all lengths.

Summer Writing

Summer is a great time to work on that novel. If you’re feeling stuck, I can work with your outline and/or work-in-progress to help you decide where to go next with your book. If you’re finished the first draft I can help you develop your plot/character/tone and more to take your book to the next level. My focus is always on helping you create your book, so I’m open to questions and consultations over Skype or other video conferencing network. I have slots open in August and into the fall, but they will fill up quickly.

If you’ve never worked with me before, I offer a free 5000 word test edit with no obligation.

Other Editorial Services

As I have said, I’m not a copy editor, but if you are looking for a copy editor I have a couple of people that I use for my work.

Dean C. Moore has worked on three of my four published books. He is an efficient editor and is fussy about the details, which is exactly what you want in a good copy editor. He spends a lot of time making sure my punctuation and the rest is correct and consistent. His prices are as reasonable as mine. Contact him through his web site here:

Sarah Brown is new on the scene, but she too is meticulous with her work and will make your manuscript look good. She is a blend of copy editor and proofreader. She worked on my soon to be released collection of horror stories Sparkles and Blood You can find her here:

It is also true that not everyone will work well with my style, or will need something faster or focused differently. Here are a couple of fine editors who can help you polish your book.

Gail Williams is another Structural Editor. This is how she describes her services:

I can tell what a good story is, and I can help others make their stories better.  I offer competitive rates based on word count and timeframe.  Along with detailed comments, questions and suggestions in the edited manuscript, clients get a full critique document giving an overall review of the manuscript.  I specialise in crime and science fiction, and my particular penchant is for getting timelines straight, a timeline that doesn’t hold water brings me out in a veritable rash, but don’t worry I can cope with time travel so no fears there.  Because I recognise that the relationship between an author and editor is a mutual choice and needs to be natural fit, I am also prepared to offer a free sample edit of up to 3,000 words so that the author can decide if I’m the right editor for them.   For  general calculations I charge £9/$13 per 1000 words on a four-week turnaround for up to 100k words, anything else (faster time greater word count) just ask. 

Contact me if you have questions or a want a quote.

If you want to work with a editor with years of experience and who works with a publishing house, you can’t do better than Penny Freeman.

She works in all kinds of editing but here are the summaries from a couple of editing stages

Developmental Editor:

Publishing companies make use of developmental editors, particularly if they are working with known authors with whom they have contracts for a series of books. These editors help authors formulate their ideas and draw a road map for the direction they want their story to go. At LLC, we have developed highly specialized exercises for authors in their outlining process which give them very clear direction and break up any log jams. In the creation of novels, developmental editors guide the author through the production process until the manuscript goes to print.

Copy Editor:

A copy editor focuses on the language arts: proper sentence structure, communication skills, language and punctuation. Is the writer getting their point across? Or, are the words getting in the way? If the project were a house, the developmental editor would be the builder who commissioned the structure, the author would be the general contractor, and the copy editor would be the inspector who ensures everything is up to code. The proofreader is that essential, unsung hero who brings up the rear with the broom.

A.P. Fuchs

Editing Services:

As an author of around 40 published books, as well as the editor and publisher of over 110, I’ve had extensive experience bringing a manuscript to a polished state. My mission with each book I take on is to keep the author’s voice and vision intact, while also making sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. I also keep an eye out for continuity and anything else the reader might find jarring. However, my main thing is to side with the creator and do my best to make their story the best it can be.

My rates are affordable and are broken down into the following categories, prices in US funds.

Short stories (1,000 – 7,000 words): 1¢ per word

Novelettes (7,001 – 15,000 words): $120

Novellas (15,001 – 40,000 words): $200

Short novels (40,001 – 60,000): $300

Novels (60,001 – 80,000 words): $375

Blockbusters (80,001 – 120,000): $425

Doorstops (120,000+): inquire for quote

As a comics writer and fan, I’m also available for comic script editing at $1US per page.

Formatting Services:

As mentioned above, I’ve had experience formatting around 150 books for print and eBook. Your paperback will be prepared to accommodate whomever you’re using as a printer. Your eBook will be formatted three ways: PDF, Kindle, and Smashwords. Once the project is complete, I’ll send you the print/eBook-ready files.

Paperback formatting – $150

eBook formatting – $100

Paperback and eBook formatting bundle – $225

Cover Services:

Coming soon.

Turn around time varies per project, but it would be within a week or two depending on where you are on the schedule.

Thanks for your interest. I hope we can work together. Please send me an email via the contact page on this site and I’ll promptly get back to you.

Editing is $300 for a 100k book

I’m planning to stay at the $300 mark for the time being. It is paying me a decent wage for the work while it remains affordable for authors. Anything much over or under the 100k, contact me and we’ll talk price. As always the first 5k for new clients is free as a test edit so you know what you are getting.

Keep in mind that I am a content editor. I work at the foundational level of your story with plot, character and tone. I do make comments about style and technical issues, but I’m not a copy editor.

If you’d like more information, just comment here, or send me an email through the link in the side menu.

Testimonial by Ora Smith

I feel Alex put a lot of time and thought into the content edit of my historical fiction manuscript. His comments were thorough and helped give me the information, knowledge and understanding needed to make important changes to the story and characters. He also gave a multiple page evaluation at the end, guiding me to where I needed to make additions, deletions, how to strengthen the plot and so much more. I also really appreciate that he complimented the writing in various places throughout the manuscript. What writer doesn’t need a little praise to drive away those negative demons in our head? I would definitely have Alex edit a manuscript again. I feel like I received a lot for the price. I almost feel like I was taking advantage of him! Sorry Alex, but thanks again!