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To help you sell your writing once it is polished, I have created a page with a few of my favourite market sources, commenting on what they offer. Check it out here: Markets

Those writing mistakes are a revision gold mine.

One of the frustrations of writing is going to revise and realizing how many writing mistakes you’ve made. Repeated words, too many adverbs, weak verbs, static description, the list goes on and on. Revision is a humbling experience. But hold on, all is not lost. Those mistakes tell us something

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Hobson’s Choice – using ethical dilemmas in writing.

Hobson’s choice may have originated in the 1500s with an innkeeper who told customers they could have the horse closest to them, or none at all. In 1954 a movie was made with the title. While the original meaning was more  ‘take it or leave it, ‘ it now has

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The Art of Writing Reviews

Why write a review? The first answer is that authors love reviews, most of a little more than we should. Good or bad, they show that someone read our book and cared enough to write down their thoughts. The second answer is that it will make you a better writer

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Hello, may I present…

Introducing a character to the reader is a bit like introducing that special someone to your parents. The temptation is to tell everything you know about them so the reader will love them as much as you do.  The problem is that page and some of extolling the character’s looks,

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Testimonial from Rebekah Lee Jenkins

I hired Alex for my second book, Hope in Oakland, because his work is meticulous. If you are looking for a fantastic content editor, you found him and you should hire him immediately. I learned early that your book is not your baby, it is your business. That means you

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Styles and Formatting

Book Template The link above will download an updated .docx file with paragraph styles I use most often defined. I’ve set them now so the proper style follows automatically so you don’t need to remember to change them. The advantage is you don’t have to wade through the dozens on

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Testimonial from Laurence O’Brien

“I definitely recommend Alex’s editing service. I have had three books published by Harper Collins around the world and Alex’s service is equal to the structural edits I have received from them. Do not release a book without a structural edit of the type Alex provides. You need Alex McGilvery

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Tense Situations – Past, Present or Future?

  We don’t pay a lot of attention to tense when we talk. It feels natural and easy to slot our words into past, present or future. In writing it can be more complicated. If we are writing in past tense, the past is our ‘present’ in the story. To

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When to Deep Six that story.

Writing may be a hobby, but if you’re publishing your books or stories, you have a responsibility to produce a quality story. I’ve got lots of articles on how to do that. What I want to address today is what to do when a story is awful. I’m not talking

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