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While the world is social distancing, authors like me are looking around and realizing their lives haven’t changed that much. Still, most authors have another job as their source of income, and in recognition of the hardship of the present situation, Celticfrog Editing is offering some new services and a

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Editing Update

I’m looking for regular editing work again. I take manuscripts that have been through at least an initial revision. Since I do content editing, expect a fair amount of rewriting, so having a polished book isn’t necessary at this stage. I price by word count and in USD since most

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Submitting to Anthologies or Magazines

I was inspired to write this based on my experience receiving submissions for my Bigfoot Country Anthology. It applies to any anthology or magazine submission. Read the requirements and be sure to send in a professional document that meets all the standards requested. I have received close to a hundred

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I’m working on my second anthology. Here’s the video for the kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexmcgilvery/weather-stories/widget/video.html Please check it out and share. Even a $1 pledge makes a big difference. The campaign runs until February 9

Writing Through a Slump

Hi, should have done this last week, but motivation to do things when nothing seems to be happening is difficult. Speaking about motivation, let’s look at the difference between a slump and writer’s block.   A slump is when your writing slows down or drops in quality, and it is a

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Leave a reply Kickstarter Campaign I’ve started a publishing business. This is not vanity press, but intended to help authors get their books in print. Right now they still have to source their own editing and art. Sadly I can’t afford to pay for covers or editing on what I

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Market Page

To help you sell your writing once it is polished, I have created a page with a few of my favourite market sources, commenting on what they offer. Check it out here: Markets

Those writing mistakes are a revision gold mine.

One of the frustrations of writing is going to revise and realizing how many writing mistakes you’ve made. Repeated words, too many adverbs, weak verbs, static description, the list goes on and on. Revision is a humbling experience. But hold on, all is not lost. Those mistakes tell us something

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Hobson’s Choice – using ethical dilemmas in writing.

Hobson’s choice may have originated in the 1500s with an innkeeper who told customers they could have the horse closest to them, or none at all. In 1954 a movie was made with the title. While the original meaning was more  ‘take it or leave it, ‘ it now has

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The Art of Writing Reviews

Why write a review? The first answer is that authors love reviews, most of a little more than we should. Good or bad, they show that someone read our book and cared enough to write down their thoughts. The second answer is that it will make you a better writer

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