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I’ve started a publishing business. This is not vanity press, but intended to help authors get their books in print. Right now they still have to source their own editing and art. Sadly I can’t afford to pay for covers or editing on what I make per book. That is $1 per printed copy ordered through my printer.

Many of my clients have money to pay for their cover and editing, often they already have a cover in mind when they talk to me. But I have clients without that kind of disposable income, whose books are every bit as valuable.

So this campaign is to raise money to subsidize the costs for those authors. I won’t pay less than $300 for a cover. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. Internal illustrations may range from $50 for a black and white sketch to $300 for a full colour page.

Editing is expensive. I do my editing, but that’s only one level. Copy editing starts at $0.1 a word. To put that into perspective. A fifty thousand word book would cost $500 Proofreading is less, but still at least half that.

All funds after fees, taxes and shipping (25%) will go to help fund projects of Celticfrog Publishing, and at least 75% of that to other authors. Here’s the far out stretch dream – to have $5000 to publish someone’s graphic novel.

In order to achieve this I’m putting my own art on the line, ACEO cards, 8×10, digital rewards, writing, knife making are all up for grabs. All perks include shipping anywhere in the world.