Editing Update

I’m looking for regular editing work again. I take manuscripts that have been through at least an initial revision. Since I do content editing, expect a fair amount of rewriting, so having a polished book isn’t necessary at this stage.

I price by word count and in USD since most of my clients are not in Canada. $200 for 50k plus $100 USD for each 25k above that. A full edit is at least two passes, one to read and comment chapter by chapter on character and plot etc. Then a summary of strengths and weaknesses of the entire work at the end. I then expect the author to revise their book for the second pass where I look at how they’ve responded to my comments and make suggestions about prose to strengthen the story.

I am also doing manuscript assessments, which are detailed comments on the strengths and weakness of your book, and how you can work on them.

I can work on short stories. I charge $25 an hour for that and tend to blend the two passes.

If the author wants more passes through the work, that can be arranged for a negotiated price. I do offer an occasional coaching position which gives the author access to me for twelve months and unlimited passes through their work. That starts at $1500 and may go higher depending on the word count and how much interaction is needed.

I’ve been advertising through a couple of different sites, but word of mouth is still the best way of getting my services out there. If you recommend me to someone, ask them to let me know and I will give you 10% off your next editing bill.

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