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While the world is social distancing, authors like me are looking around and realizing their lives haven’t changed that much.

Still, most authors have another job as their source of income, and in recognition of the hardship of the present situation, Celticfrog Editing is offering some new services and a discount on the basic editing package.

The $300 USD for 100k edit with two passes is still on. It is the best bargain in the business.

For $200 USD I will do a read through with an analysis of plot, character, tone, and technical issues. As with the 100k package, if your book is longer or shorter, I will adjust the price, just contact me through the email on the top of the right sidebar.

Also if you decide you want the second pass after all, I would normally charge $200 USD, but will only charge $150 adjusted for length.

For those short stories, I charge by the hour. $25/hr. Depending on the story, I can edit about 1000 words in an hour.

I’m not in this for the money, or I’d be adding a zero to all my prices. I enjoy working with writers to make their stories the best they can be. My plan is to pass the money along by hiring beta readers and proofreaders from people who are off work and could use a bit extra.

Celticfrog Publishing also has a mentoring plan which gives you full access to me and unlimited passes through your book. Those are limited. I have one space available.

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