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I have been privileged to work with  Alex McGilvery over the past couple of years as I enter the final editing stages of my new novel A Circle of Roots  Alex spend a lot of time reading and critiquing my novel in depth. His comments covered everything from grammar errors, sentence or syntax problems to a great analysis of my plot and character development, and my handling of point of view. Alex asked all the tough questions and made me most accountable particularly in areas of the novel that I had “glossed over.”  He was accessible for questions and helped me work out problems that were not obvious to me or where I was looking for a difficulty when some minor editing is all that was needed.  Alex graciously agreed to read my book again after I had completed my rewrite.  He made further comments on where things were smooth now and gave advice on areas still requiring work.

I feel fortunate to have Alex as my editor and know my novel is stronger as a result.  I would recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for an editor to give critical and honest feedback.


Harry Hobbs

Email harrychobbs@gmail.com


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  1. Hi! I saw an offer to edit a book under 200 pages for $100–and the link led me here. Is that time sensitive? I just released my 4th book and am working on my 5th–so it isn’t done yet–but I’d be interested in trying you in the future. Thanks. I believe in good editors. 🙂

    • Hi Monique, I’m happy to hear you believe in editors. That goes a long way to showing the quality of your writing. I’m offering the $100 for the first ten people to submit books for editing. One of those spaces has been used. There doesn’t appear to be a stampede, but I’ve had a couple of enquiries. I would be delighted to work with you in the future. I don’t plan on skyrocketing my fees in any case, so even if the deal is used up, I will always be affordable.

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